„Our Saints“ is a permanent art project open to the public.

“Our Saints” gladly invites various artists to participate. They are invited to occupy themselves in their work of art with the notion of holiness, with a person or a saint, with someone they personally consider as holy, as an example/their individual paragon.

The people/paragons dealt with in “Our Saints” are not all canonized. They are not even all Catholics or Christians or – as saints usually are – dead. The intention behind “Our Saints” is to show that if He is God, if He is almighty, then He is god to everybody and the whole world, not just to a single religion or belief. Therefore, everyone who acts or acted according to His will is a holy person, a saint.

The project “Our Saints” was initiated in 2006 by Franz Moser, pedagogical employee of the Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt. The first exhibition, “Our Saints 1”, took place in autumn 2006. Since then the collection has grown and comprises now not only virtual works to be viewed on the “Our Saints”-website but also a number of permanent loans and acquisitions which can be exhibited outside the Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt. Elisabeth² followed in 2007, “Our Saints 2” in 2008 and “Our Saints 3” in 2010. New contributions have been displayed in an exhibition at the Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt in St. Pölten (Lower Austria) every second year since 2006.

At the moment you will find on this website

173 works of art
from 117 artists
on 93 saints

from the above mentioned exhibitions (i.e. Our Saints 1-4, Elisabeth² and Franz²)


by fm

Saints are nothing but the Catholic Church´s advertisements
Saints are nothing but decent, devout and obsequious
Saints are but those who have long ago stopped to exist.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Saints are all those who act according to His wish
Saints are fighters, strugglers, with a mind of their own
Saints still exist, exist even more often today

Therefore, Therefore, Therefore

Who our saints are depends on who He is for us
The one tested and tried in times of great despair
who was tried today, who will be tried tomorrow?...

For Artists

How to contribute to “Our Saints”

We gladly welcome all artists who would like to occupy themselves with a holy or exemplary person and who are willing to have their work of art displayed for the span of the exhibition of “Our Saints 5” at Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt in autumn 2014 as well as permanently online on this website.
Your participation is gladly appreciated.

Invitation to contribute

List of Suggested saints

Future plans

“Our Saints 5” will be displayed in autumn 2014. New contributions are very much welcomed. For further information and the registration form please go to “Selbst beitragen”.

“Our Saints” can be exhibited upon request at other locations. Previously a representative exhibition was displayed at Kardinal-Döpfner-Haus in Freising in Germany and at Maximilianhaus in Attnang-Puchheim in Upper Austria.
If you are interested in having “Our Saints” at your institution, please contact us.


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